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Only Chess Forum

  1. 30 Jan '13 11:02
    Pics of the Duck at the Marshall Chess Club

    Plus a noted up Richard Rapport game.

    Then the usual mixture of RHP Blunders & Brilliancies linked
    to the Richard Rapport game.

    Trying to get the Duck to do a world tour if anyone from any country is
    intested to join in on the fun post below.
    You don't have to put your address. I'll tell you who to PM.
    And you must send a picture(s) to me.

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  2. 30 Jan '13 11:44 / 1 edit
    Reykjavik? I'm not a member of a chess group here though so any chess related pics would have to be OTB in a swimming pool with a floating board...
  3. 30 Jan '13 12:22
    Originally posted by morgski

    Could you take him to the scene of Fischer v Spassky ?
  4. 30 Jan '13 12:23
    Originally posted by st40
    that is definitely an option, they still have the chess board on show.
    And Fischer's grave, I suppose...
  5. 30 Jan '13 23:30
    Where Fischer and Spassky played etc would be great.

    Not the grave, we will keep it light hearted.

    Would not mind a trip to Moscow or Germany, even India and Australia.

    Had a PM for The Duck to go to a different part of the USA.
    Hopefully we can get more offers then I can plan a route.

    Ambition is to get a picture of Carlsen with The Duck.
  6. Subscriber 64squaresofpain
    The drunk knight
    31 Jan '13 16:14
    Originally posted by greenpawn34

    Ambition is to get a picture of Carlsen with The Duck.
    The very best of luck! Would be good to see 😀