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  1. 20 Jun '09 20:35
    Do you know of the link between the Elgin Marbles and Chess?
  2. 20 Jun '09 22:47
    Quite an interesting tidbit. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Standard member Ulysses72
    Named 'Nobody'
    21 Jun '09 16:00
    It was truly interesting GP. Please excuse me if I say that you don't have to count on British Museum's arguments about the justification of Elgin's barbarism. Since Lord Elgin literally hacked the most interesting "pieces" of the Parthenon statues (actually his crew used saws to detach the marbles - mainly the frieze) nothing has been looted from the Parthenon and acid rain affected only the complex itself which is now under restoration (The works of art were already housed in the old museum since early 1900). But I wouldn't like to debate on that. The information you posted was unknown to me before and therefore I sincerely thank you for sharing.
  4. 21 Jun '09 22:08 / 2 edits

    I stopped halway through for a re-read and thought I was really
    tearing into Lord Elgin, the current Lord Elgin I believe lives near me,
    I did not want him knocking on my door.

    Heard on CH4 the British Museum stating that Elgin saved them
    because peasants were chipping away at them to build houses
    and the acid rain effect.

    They should be given back.

    I think if they do then a lot of other countries will be wanting back
    their stuff too. The place will be empty.