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Only Chess Forum

  1. 13 Aug '14 19:08
    A couple of very good games in this blog.

    pikejohn - Knightingale & Thunderrook - GIBB0N Both have Queen sac wrap ups.

    Me playing one of those travelling computer job and...........a Smurf.

    and this:

    White to play and draw. How does White stop the Kg2, Bf1 and h2=Q idea.

  2. 14 Aug '14 01:30
    To the problem,

    Rxa1 Kg2; Kh8 Bf1; Ra7 h2=Q; Rh2 Qg1; Rg7+ etc

    I think that is the quickest route I can find to a draw. The hardest part in a position like this is deciding to chase the draw, there are several routes I ran through thinking there was the possibility of using the d-pawn for a win that just did not quite follow through. In an endgame particularly under short time constraints I doubt I would have found my way to the end there.

    Interesting problem. I forgot how much fun a good chess problem can be.

  3. 14 Aug '14 12:41
    You have the soltion.

    It a repaired composition (I've no idea who the original composer was).
    This is the original that sat in my book 'Mastering Chess' for 30 years.

    The book is going onto Kindle (along with a new section containing loads of RHP games.)

    I was not too happy with the re-printed book. It has gone through four
    publishing house and 19 re-prints. Things have changed slightly.
    So I did a complete re-vamp of the whole thing and computer checked every puzzle.
    It found three that were a bit a 'iffy' and unclear, not bad for 40+ puzzles
    composed set over 30 years ago.

    Anyway back here.

    The computer found that 1.Ra5 also draws so I jiggled about with it a bit
    given it just one solution throwing in the Rxd3+ as a garden path.

    The solution in a PGN.
    The hard part, the improbable move, was allowing the promotion with a check.