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  1. 14 Jul '17 15:39

    A really funny cock up with a countries set of stamps.

    One 'What Happened Next'

    Bronstein - Tartakower, Saltsjobaden Interzonal 1948

    Black to play. What happened next.

    Pictures me plugging my latest get rich idea and one of
    me fishing for a trap (plausible line) in the Sicilian and then
    showing a couple of RHP game where the trick/trap worked.

    A paragraph from a crime thriller that had me looking at a few RHP
    games and finding a drawing resource that some of you may not know.

    Blog Post 362
  2. 14 Jul '17 15:42
    Nxe5+, not e4
  3. 14 Jul '17 15:45
    Nxe5+ it is...thank you.
  4. 14 Jul '17 16:02
    My copy ///

  5. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    15 Jul '17 04:45
    In the first B vs. N endgame, after Black attempts to set up zugzwang with 5...Kh4, White should just take the pawn.
  6. 15 Jul '17 09:43
    I'd better make it clearer. I was wanting to get the same position with White to move without resorting to another PGN thingy..