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  1. 22 Apr '15 21:35
    How can I make my blog better?
  2. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    22 Apr '15 22:05
    I'd only suggest more diversity between posts.. something different each time,
    and strike a balance between instructive material and humour if you can

    The style is good though, not much by way of improvement needed there, keep it up!
  3. 24 Apr '15 02:46

    Just a few take it or leave it ideas.

    This bit:

    "In keeping with the theme of Alexander–Alexander matches and great games, the last
    will be Alexander Kazimirovich Tolush–C. H. O’D. Alexander. This game, which
    Alexander won on his way to sharing first with Bronstein at Hastings 1953, is interesting,
    as Tolush is punished for his offbeat response to the Dutch."

    Excellent but it does need pictures of both players and if possible a cross table of the event,

    Pictures you can get from the net but do add a wee note under the picture where you
    got it from.(especially if you borrow from Edward his case leave a link at the
    bottom of the page as well. )


    You get the x-tables plus pictures (Bronstein playing Alexander) also other background
    info about the time controls used - (34 moves in two hours, followed by 17 moves in one hour.)

    There is loads of stuff on that page that you could have used to give the article
    that something extra.

    I looked at the others. A picture or indeed pictures of Turing would have been good or even
    a pic the statue dedicated to Turing at Manchester. You use these thing to break up the text.

    Here are loads of pics (and other info) that I would have included.


    Grow an extra thick skin if you attempt to go this way.
    Some people think I'm funny - a few on here think I'm not.

    Players don't like to see their losses in print, though here I'm kind of OK
    because all we see is the nickname. But I've had a few PM's from players
    who objected to a remark which was harmless to me but to them it's caustic.

    I never go out the way to offend. But some people are easily offended.

    I never apologise, unless I've made a genuine mistake, then I correct it.

    If it's not a mistake I just tell them I never made up the game and they played it.

    But be prepared to be called a few choice words and if and when it happens
    don't sulk and block them. Often a few days later you get an apology.....sometimes.

    I started writing about chess because I wanted to see the stuff I write about.
    The daft and nonsense side of the game. Some take the game far too seriously.

    So more pics/cross tables etc...I liked the pic of the set and score sheet. That was good.

    Maybe a few more notes in the games. Remember about 75% of the lads here are
    home and casual look out for positions where questions may be asked
    and try to pre-empt them. Never too long in the variations, I have a chessboard
    in my mind and can follow a game but these lads cannot.

    If needed and you want to show something then use another PGN from that point.
    It's wee trick I often use. Also sometimes during an on screen re-write. (I'm always
    chopping right up till I post) if you include variations you may make a mistake
    (Rh3 instead Rh6 that kind of typo.) this cannot happen if you use a new PGN.

    A bit more about yourself (a picture?) so the readers get a feeling that they know you.
    But that is entirely up to you.

    Good Luck.
  4. 24 Apr '15 09:37
    Thanks, I appreciate these comments and will try to incorporate them.
  5. Standard member wolfgang59
    24 Apr '15 09:56
    Originally posted by HikaruShindo
    How can I make my blog better?
    All good from GP but whatever you do the blog is appreciated!

    It's all I can do to annotate the odd game!