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  1. 04 Aug '11 13:40
    Beautiful, exciting and instructive.

    It's easy for Martin to excel when he has a good game to note up.
    You will enjoy this one.


    Martin mentions a 24 move crush Campsi - Kinsella 2010 but does not show the
    whole game. (the time limit on these vids means he has to leave out some stuff)

    Here is the full game.

  2. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    08 Aug '11 21:44
    Out of 26 moves, black moved his queen 6 times- and his king 3 times! And it only went 26 moves because black played it out to let white give checkmate, which was sporting in this case, as the final position is one to show at the club!