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  1. 05 Apr '15 16:29
    Well this one wrote itself in one sitting after I discovered over
    1,000 RHP players had been stumbling into the same basic blunder.
    (that number is probably going up as I type this.)

    This allowed me to us a C.S.Purdy quote which might as well be the RHP motto.

    “The player who completes his development first is said to have the initiative because he is
    thus able to start making blunders while his opponent is still occupied in bringing out his men.”

    Taken from "Among These Mates" Chess Review, (Australia) 1939.

    Throw in a mate with King, Bishop and Knight v King in the wrong corner.

    All that was left was to find a closing game/position for the horror spot at the end.

    And there it was just sitting there waiting for me in my Message Box.
    A perfect imperfect game which fired off a few more examples.

    What else? Oh yeah, a picture of me leaning against a Rook.

    Blog 4
  2. 06 Apr '15 00:18
    ...What else? Oh yeah, a picture of me leaning against a Rook...
    Yea! I found Waldo.
  3. 07 Apr '15 11:15
    The knight's triangle is often seen in the French defence. Someone described it to me as a "rubber band move", I think he meant that the knight runs out and grabs a pawn, then twangs back before it can be recaptured!
    Here is an example:
  4. 07 Apr '15 18:00
    Hi Datfly,

    I like that term'The Elastic Band Knight.'

    From the position you posted.

    I have 461 games on RHP. White won 105 and Black 331.

    In a lot of the games White played 7.Nxe5 so no elastic Knight.
    And they used the e5 to carry out a successful attack on f7.

    Game 10476813 is a mate for White in 9.

    This one:

    Urnebes - kalmisto RHP 205. Is a bit more subtle, though the mate was still avoidable.

  5. 13 Apr '15 01:19 / 1 edit
    Just lost a game because of the rubber band move: I'm black

    That and the fact that my queen was free for the taking.