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  1. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    17 Feb '14 19:20
    1979 Documentary from The Netherlands.
  2. 18 Feb '14 02:56
    Thanks, that was one of the better chess documentaries I've seen.

    For those who haven't watched it, it has some interesting segments.

    It mostly follows Jan Timman around. Gotta like his cluttered work space.

    There's an interview with former WC Euwe.

    There's an interview with a corr. chess master who says he has 27 games on the go.
    And he states that when corr. chess players are in a lost position, they don't resign,
    they just stop playing and time out. Sounds familiar.

    And you have to love the beginning when the guy lights a cigarette at the table and starts
    hacking and coughing. Then when the game's done he gets up and leaves his trash on the table.