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  1. 23 Aug '09 00:10
    Hi chaps.

    did another Youtube thing.
    Again one take (I nearly swear when one of the buttons don't work).

  2. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    23 Aug '09 03:08

    another great one, thanks!
  3. Standard member Norrin Radd
    The Silver Surfa'
    23 Aug '09 03:37

  4. 23 Aug '09 11:13
    Lol, what a noobster you are Chandler, 'Morphy izz away for de chock ices, yah!'.
  5. 23 Aug '09 12:51
    Hi Robbie

    That was the bit where the board gets upset.

    I did the voice, moved the pieces, supplied the analysis all
    Ruxton had to do was press Ctl/Alt somehting at the correct moment.

    He screwed it up, that's when I nearly swore.

    Ve Hav Vays of makin you laugh. (or shake your head in pity).
  6. 23 Aug '09 13:51
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Very funny...
  7. Standard member orion25
    Art is hard
    23 Aug '09 14:04 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by Varenka
    Very funny...
    (edit: whoops no games in progress)

    great video
  8. 23 Aug '09 14:39
    What was that all about
  9. 23 Aug '09 15:14
    Originally posted by heinzkat
    What was that all about
    it was about a sad duke.
  10. Standard member Exuma
    23 Aug '09 18:36
  11. Standard member Eric LeFavour
    The guy
    24 Aug '09 02:34
    Great stuff. Had me rollin LOL