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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 08 Dec '11 13:49
    The game Robin Johnson mentioned in a previous post.
    (a good game - well worth the visit)

    Getting your fingers caught when setting a trap.

    Why Take That reformed.

    For the benefit of Velvet Ears I give Espeli - Andersen Oslo 1952.

    Request for a Snow Chess Piece.

    Blog 4
  2. 08 Dec '11 14:26
    Nice blog, that back rank pin is still haunting me!
    A lot of snow here at the moment, so will attempt to get a snowpawn made, the snow isn't sticky enough to attempt a knight
  3. 08 Dec '11 15:20
    The final position of the Morphy at the Opera Game would be good set in snow.
  4. 13 Jan '12 22:46
    I have found the elusive Chess piece made of snow! How do I post a pic?
  5. 14 Jan '12 01:14
    send it to:

    Thank You.