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  1. 23 Dec '12 13:23 / 3 edits
    Some momemts from a recent game between me and Bonarparte Game 9702653

    So back here.

    I had loads of fun slinging the bits about.

    I even dabbled with the idea of 13.Ba7

    13...Rxa7 14.Qb8 because I had never seen it before!
    But that is in the nonsense category.

    In the end I went for Trick Two.

    He actually caslted. I nicked the e-pawn, chopped wood and won a straight
    forward K & P ending. My opponent resigned here.

    Which is a great pity because that Kingside pawn formation is a favourite
    of mine which I first saw in a Korchnoi-Petrosian game back in 1974.
    It was a 'WOW' moment.

    If we had played on it would have gone something like this.

    The stem game with that pawn formation.

    Korchnoi - Petrosian, World Candidates, Russia 1974.

  2. 24 Dec '12 00:21
    you won an endgame GP ???
  3. 24 Dec '12 08:59
    My opponent allowed me to get the Rooks off.
    I said to him after the game with the Rooks on I would have
    made one or two moves then offered a draw.