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  1. 16 Dec '15 03:17
    I've see the Fischer film 'The Pawn Sacrifice'.
    Here is a review - I liked it and so did No.5 who
    is a female non-chess player who got the film for me.

    Then a blog full of Non-RHP games,
    A selection of positions (with blunders) from the London FIDE Open.
    (900+ games and not a Berlin Defence amongst them).

    Blog Post 281
  2. 16 Dec '15 03:42
    I will see this film since I am film freak and I love Fischer but I have prejudices about the movie. I have recently read "Bobby Fischer goes to war" (I think a documentary was made after this book) and enjoyed it. Bob Wade wrote by hand ALL Spassky's games and got several hundred pounds for that. (He had to do the job twice, because first time he wrote the moves horizontally...)

    Anyway Toby Mcguire as Fischer - it must be ridiculous. Fischer was 1 m85 and Toby is only 1 m 73. Ok, I dislike the actor, too. Different type of men. Wrong casting.
  3. 16 Dec '15 03:52
    Toby has obviously had some coaching because he has the Fischer walk
    off to pat. Forget the height thing and ignore the silly factual errors.
    It's a good film, Approach with an open mind and as I've said elsewhere.

    "There are that many lies, myths and legends about Fischer no one will know the truth."
    I liked it.
  4. 16 Dec '15 21:50
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    "There are that many lies, myths and legends about Fischer no one will know the truth."
    I could have agreed with it if the name of Fischer in that sentence was replaced with, for example, Aristotelus, Atlantida's prime minister or Arhimedus. No one knows how they looked like, all portraits are gone, and only legends and doubtful stautes remained. Some sculptors could have said "so what if that statue doesn't resemble August? In 33 years from now he will look as my statue"

    But Fischer is something different.
    He used to be my contemporary. I lived in Belgrade also in 1978 when he visited the city and gave interview at Belgrade air port in the company of Gligoric. I was set to play closed simoultane exhibition (*long story why it did not happen).

    He is not an empty shell of legend+name+symbol, so when I see someone twists Fischer's life I feel like someone blackens a member of my family. Or throws dirt on my dearest memory.

    Why don't they make film about a fictive chess player, like they did upon Vladimir Nabokov's novel "Luzhin's Defense"?
    I know too much about Fischer that I could swallow "artistic freedom" in that sense.
  5. 16 Dec '15 23:30
    Hi vandervelde,

    I'm not sure they twisted his life too much out of focus.

    They hinted in the film they wanted him treated when he was in his late teens
    but those making that decision thought Bobby might lose his chess drive so
    they left him as he was. (too make a buck out of him.).

    It's the chess scenes they should have taken more advice on.

    Obviously someone contributed something as I show in the blog, the analysis
    to the Lombardy game is OK. Some chess player has contributed that.

    Whether or not it came from a note to the actual game - I'm still looking.

    Lombardy himself says he was never asked to contribute to the film in
    the role of an advisor though in the film he has a massive part.

    Playing 1.h4 h5 from a Russian Mag, resigning after playing 29...Bxh2 in game one,
    having them play about 4 games in the Ping-Pong game room, Spassky world
    champion in 1966 etc (and sadly etc..) could easily have been avoided.