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  1. 31 Mar '13 14:36 / 1 edit
    Plus one of my recent games on here where I offer 3 passed pawns as 'Mate Bait'.

    Pics of The Duck in Canada and Mexico and then a whole section of
    RHP players taking a perpetual instead of a mate including one game.
    chucknorit - Jace Johnson RHP 2012 where both players miss mating
    their opponents within a couple of moves of each other.

    Closing with The RHP Diamond of Despair where both players toss 250 years
    of chess development of out the window and just get on with it producing a very
    pleasing finish.

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  2. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    31 Mar '13 21:04
    I don't really understand whats going on in Fluvia Pava. Can you note that up a little more?

  3. 01 Apr '13 00:04
    There is not much going on at all. The Queenside pawns stroll home.

  4. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    01 Apr '13 05:19
    Thanks. I'm learning slowly. It looks too easy.