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  1. 31 Oct '09 19:20
    Opinions, results. what does everyone think of this opening??!

    Personal opinion is that it's really great. I tend to have a winning streak with it, particulalry if I play the Vienna Gambit. I find it's really tactical and great if you like interesting combinations and exciting, tense games. My other really favored opening as white is the Ruy Lopez.
  2. 31 Oct '09 19:37
    I didn`t think that the Vienna was very ferocious and serious until I tried it but then i discovered wow this is really a truly serious opening plus folks very often don`t know what they are doing sorta since they don`t encounter it super often.

    Its like surprise weapon without the hokey move part.
    Although its not ultra surprising only slightly.
  3. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    31 Oct '09 19:39
    Nigel Short played it. He also played the Closed Sicilian, and they pair up well in terms of piece placement and pawn breaks.