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  1. 15 Feb '15 00:30
    OK, so everybody loves the feeling when they've broken the enemy king's defences and can check the king and check it again, over and over, and the king is flung from one square to another, and I'm drooling with excitement, and look I can bring a rook over with a check too.

    I love it so much that I have deliberately prolonged this for a couple of moves just to make the ecstasy last. It is low, but who said I was going to be a saint. Well, my grandma did. Clearly, she was wrong.

    I like seeing this kind of thing in other people's games too, but I've noticed I'm kind of rooting for the king. And I'm almost always disappointed.

    Do you have examples of games with the wandering king getting away with it?
  2. 15 Feb '15 00:50 / 1 edit
    The above is not very precise. Of course, there are lots of games where a series of checks and mate threats forces the king begrudgingly to make its way to a relatively safe haven somewhere on its first on second rank.

    What I would like to see, and haven't seen a lot of, is a king in a seemingly desperate situation, somewhere in the center of the board, or near the opponent's unmoved pawns, right in the middle of a bloody middlegame battle. And, by skill or by luck, miraculously escaping.