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  1. Standard member ptobler
    06 Oct '09 08:30 / 4 edits
    [Event "RHP Blitz rated"]
    [Site ""]
    [Date "2009.10.6"]
    [Round "?"]
    [White "queensjester"]
    [Black "ptobler"]
    [Result "0-1"]

    1. d2-d4 d7-d5 2. c2-c4 c7-c6 3. Nb1-c3 Ng8-f6 4. e2-e3 a7-a6 5. Bf1-e2 Bc8-f5 6. Ng1-f3 Nb8-d7 7. O-O e7-e6 8. a2-a3 Bf8-e7 9. Nf3-e5 Nd7xe5 10. d4xe5 Nf6-d7 11. f2-f4 O-O 12. Be2-f3 d5xc4 13. e3-e4 Bf5-g6 14. Bc1-e3 Qd8-c7 15. Qd1-c2 Rf8-d8 16. Ra1-d1 h7-h6 17. b2-b4 c4xb3 18. Qc2xb3 Nd7-c5 19. Qb3-c2 Rd8xd1 20. Rf1xd1 Ra8-d8 21. f4-f5 Bg6-h7 22. f5-f6 Rd8xd1 23. Qc2xd1 Be7-f8 24. Qd1-e2 Qc7xe5 25. Qe2-c4 Qe5xf6 26. Be3-d4 Qf6-g5 27. Kg1-f2 Qg5-d2 28. Kf2-g3 Bf8-d6 29. e4-e5 Qd2-g5 30. Kg3-f2 Qg5-d2 31. Bf3-e2 Nc5-d3 0-1

    My first game playing a slav - so don't be too harsh!
  2. Standard member ptobler
    06 Oct '09 08:42
    Probably lucky after my move 25 that he didn't take my knight
  3. 06 Oct '09 09:05 / 1 edit
    I predict that if 26.Bxc5 you still would be winning .
    Perhaps 26 ...b5 regains the piece.

    I think that most of that game was ...clobberifourus
  4. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    08 Oct '09 02:23
    I don't know the Slav that well, but it looks like it was a pretty clean game to me. After move 9, it looked like a London System with colors reversed! It seemed pretty clear to me that halfway through the game you emerged with a clearly better endgame, and that is a great success for black at any level. Good game!

  5. 08 Oct '09 12:27
    I am not a slav player but most openings have objectives. What are those of the Slav?

    1. To contest the centre and e4 in particular?
    2. To allow the white bishop to try and develop outside the pawn chain (does this normally happen?)
    3. To allow a break c5 in due course?
    4. To try and transpose to a caro kann?

    could a slav player assist?