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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 23 Dec '13 21:01
    I've been surfing around the site a little bit and I seem to run into a ton of options. Some of the options I don't fully understand yet. I'm wondering if their is any place better or worse to get started on this site for an amateur. I notice there are a ton of clubs on the site... How do you get invited?

    Please forgive the new guy hand-holding cliche.
  2. 23 Dec '13 21:08
    The first game you play (New Game on the menu) should be a "Welcome Game" with a regular player. These are regular users who have volunteered to play a game with newcomers.

    So you can chat with them while you play.

    There is a big FAQ under Help on the menu
  3. 23 Dec '13 21:39
    To join a club, you can go to any club under "Clubs", go to the homepage of that club, and request membership.
  4. 24 Dec '13 00:44
    USN Rckt Sci,
    Definitely get to know the site and the mechanics of how playing chess works on here. Personally, I like the site because we can study and learn while we are playing chess. We have the time to learn openings instead of just on-the-spot playing of moves. is nice for short time games say 1 minute to 30 minutes on each side which can include the adding of time per move.

    On here you can play a 1 day per move game with a 0 day timebank or you can play a 21 day per move game with a 28 day timebank. I guess, one of my games took over a year to play. There are chances for personal learning on here as well with users like greenpawn34 who blogs or Ragwort who annotates a game. Furthermore you get to read books, look at databases, check out statistical data of moves, watch videos, and do whatever non-cheating else causes learning. We are "Not" supposed to use a computer to help us.

    I do like this site. May you have success on here.

  5. 24 Dec '13 02:01
    Thanks KingOnPoint you really summed up the features I was looking at and gave a more in depth look at whats possible here. I'll make sure I find the greenpawn and ragwort articles and games. A couple users have graciously started games with me so now I'm getting my start.