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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 03 Aug '10 12:01
    I need to seek some help.

    I will post a Blog on Friday as I promised to one a week.
    (it's half written already).
    I'll post one link and that is all I intend to do for a whole week.

    Can it be done.....? I need to know.

    (enjoy the peace whilst it lasts).
  2. 04 Aug '10 15:12 / 2 edits
    but what is it in rhp that "addicts" you?

    When you open the rhp site, do you feel more like you are welcomed by a warm community? or is it more the thrill of challenge that leads you? or the pleasure of teaching chess?

    when you look at the rhp logo, what does it make you think about?

    please Mr Greenpawn, lie down on the couch; and tell me a bit more about your parents... we'll give you some help. We care about you.