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  1. 22 Sep '10 02:01
  2. 22 Sep '10 09:45
    I have only ever seen reports of fairly high level tournaments by people not including their own games. Then again, i do not look out for reports of the local county congress.
  3. 22 Sep '10 11:17
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    shameless plug!
  4. 22 Sep '10 22:30
    Shameless Bump.

    (they do advertise RHP)
  5. Standard member nimzo5
    23 Sep '10 02:17
    I cant help but think round one and two were a reference to the late Tony Miles. Good stuff GP
  6. 23 Sep '10 02:40
    Hi Nimzo.

    Nobody in mind. Just everybody and all body.

    The pattern seems set in stone.
    Travelling away to play in a chess tournament is a great experience.
    Some of these guys make it sound like it was work.
    And the excuses....

    We only want tp know two things.
    Did he win any money, did he get laid.

    Just letting off steam (I've not started yet, with till I get onto
    opening books, computers, women chess players, draws,
    haircuts, gradings, players whose names I cannot spell....)
  7. Standard member nimzo5
    23 Sep '10 19:10
    So the Tim Taylor style tournament journalism then.
  8. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    23 Sep '10 20:03
    Originally posted by nimzo5
    So the Tim Taylor style tournament journalism then.
    Ha! I was thinking exactly that, from his controversial account of his trip to Hungary in Chess Life. That is too funny.
  9. Standard member nimzo5
    23 Sep '10 20:33
    Great reading, can't believe they published it in Chess Life though.. haha.
  10. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    24 Sep '10 22:53
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    The late US National Master Jerry Hanken fits this description somewhat, joking aside. He never failed to put one of his losses in his reports in Chess Life, almost always to a GM or IM, even after his best days were behind him and he was sitting on his 2200 floor.

    He did write very well, but I always knew one of his games would appear as I read.
  11. Standard member nimzo5
    27 Sep '10 18:23
    Could be worse, he could have posted his skittles games on RHP.
  12. 27 Sep '10 18:31 / 1 edit

    This is what reprting from a tournament should be like.
  13. Standard member nimzo5
    27 Sep '10 19:09
    His post moretm of the British was hillarious. My favorite-

    Michael Adams (9.5/11) -

    Ruthlessly exposed the gulf in class between 2700+ and 2500. Managed to mesmerise opponents into positional and occasional tactical errors. Made the game look ridiculously simple based on sound openings and accurate play. Challenging for the record of king being in check fewest times during a tournament. Deserved winner but greater challenges lie ahead and much stiffer task defending the title in Sheffield next year but on current form would have to start as favourite.
  14. 28 Sep '10 17:42
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Dunno about magazines, but something similar is certainly true of the weekly chess column in a newspaper I used to read. When there was a world champion contest on, or the Hoogovens (forget about Linares &al.), he used to post about that; any other week was mostly stuffed with dreary reports of the national youth team this bloke used to manage. Don't ask me how he got either of those jobs; as educational material, that column was worse than worthless.