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  1. 22 Jun '13 15:38 / 2 edits
    This was a good game. I'm having some great fun the RHP Championship.
    I've won 12 of my games so far.

    I set a wee anti-castling trap which catches my opponent unaware.
    I get Knights Fantasic on d4 and e4.
    I sac a Bishop using the loose piece that took it to gain attacking tempo.
    I thought I was getting a checkmate but there was wriggling involved
    and I nearly ditched the Bishop sac idea.

    Frustrating moments those, I had played the perfect game and no mate as a reward.

    I sac the Bishop not really knowing what I was getting, just a very good postion.
    OK I'm stubborn and refuse to let an idea go.
    I knew I'd most likely get my bit back but when the smoke clears is it enough?

    It eases out to an endgame plus for me.

    My opponent had a chance to play a wee trap back at me.
    (One good trap deserves another.) but I had seen it coming.

    Good game, I love it when I get dragged to my board digging out tricks.

    Jack Bertram - greenpawn34" RHP Ch. 2013

  2. Donation ketchuplover
    22 Jun '13 19:22
    Just to be clear. Who won? Also perhaps 15.Rd3 was decent.
  3. 22 Jun '13 21:29
    Hi Ketch,

    Black won (note on move 31)

    15 Rd3 drops the exchange after 15...c4

    Nf3 + is in the position.
  4. Donation ketchuplover
    23 Jun '13 05:48
    gracias trickery indeed!
  5. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    23 Jun '13 13:17
    Very nice game, instructive as always. Bowing to the ground, going "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy".
  6. 23 Jun '13 15:44
    Calm down Sonhouse, it was only anti-castling trap and my opponent
    too desrves credit for allowing to panache a little.

    I've screwed up completely a classic finish in one of my other games.
    It's not finished yet, but I'm furious with myself, it was obvious, I played
    for it and botched it by using conditional moves. I'm a mug.