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  1. 15 Oct '09 23:02
    It must be from an actual game and have what you consider a
    funny, unusual, strange, imaginative or tragic continuation.

    It can be from any game ever played, even one from on here.
    But it must have happened - no might have beens.

    You place a fen thus:

    With details: Znosko-Boroski v Salwe, 1907
    White to play - what did he do?

    The lads then can try and and guess what happened next.

    On the same post you then PGN the continuation. So players
    can see it in action Remember the bug - White can only move
    first from an RHP set up.

    (We must get this fixed)

    So if it's Black to play - set up the fen as normal but from the PGN
    take it back a move with White to play.

    Keep it going with a position you think fits the criteria and try not
    to clutter up the thread with single comments.
    If you want to make a comment about a previous position
    put it in with a new position.

    See if we can knock up 50.

    Here is what happened in the first example.
    (try and figure it out before you press play).

  2. 15 Oct '09 23:08
    its brilliant!
  3. 16 Oct '09 00:23
    ",,,,and try not to clutter up the thread with single comments. "

    I'm posting again to show you how to do a 'Black to Play' PGN.

    (I asked again on Site Ideas - 'Please' go and plead our case).

    This one I think is brilliant.

    Keres-Raud 1929.

    Black to play - what would you do?

    How good are you at setting traps.

    (Nah...surely Keres never fell for that daft trick? - he did!)

    Here is what happened - remember I have to let White go
    first to get the original fen position.

    He lured the Knight onto the 7th to unpin his own Knight.
  4. 16 Oct '09 01:22
    This one really happened... in the post-mortem. I think it was a possible ending to a Capablanca-Lasker game from 1914. White to play.

  5. 16 Oct '09 01:29
    An outrageous swindle by Tony Miles, who is Black in this game against a guy named Slim Bouaziz".

    The last few moves didn't happen (White resigned), but I added them to show the mate.
  6. 16 Oct '09 10:34
    The Miles swindle was superb.

    Next: Canal V N.N. from a simul Budapest 1934.
    (pity it was not played in Venice - Venice/Canal gedditt??)

    You play a combination like this once in a lifetime.
    White to play.

    It's not too difficult, but it's pretty.

    Small change of format for this one.
    I will give the whole game, it's only 14 moves.

    The reason being you will notice that Black did nothing really silly.

    All his moves could have been played by any amatuer player thinking
    they were OK (and on the surface they are.).

    He thought the a-pawn was pinned so castled. Good move?

    Well done if you are under 1600 and spotted the move.

    Sac both Rooks and a Queen in 3 moves and mate!!
  7. 16 Oct '09 11:11
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