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  1. 17 Apr '09 22:06
    I just called it that so Greenpawn would look at the thread.

    This is from a game of mine. I did not see the best move and played something else.

    Black to move.

  2. 17 Apr '09 22:35
    Qxb2 mate is the obvious threat, which means that the White knight on c3 will be "pinned" if the Black knight on f6 moves. Hence 1. ... Nxg4 2. fxg4 Bxe4+.
  3. 18 Apr '09 00:22
    Just saw this.

    Fat Lady has it. Don't flog yourself it's not all that easy to spot
    during a game - if you played over the full game saying somewhere
    there is a trick in the here, a lot of people would miss it.
    Especially over the board.

    From the set position, knowing there is something there is different.
    Just remember to store the idea.

    Been looking at the position. What did you play?

    1....b5? open up a file v b2?
    1.....Ba6 sniffing after the c4 pawn?
    1....a6 and then b5?

    What happened was it a win/lose or draw.
  4. 18 Apr '09 01:24
    I'm not too upset I missed it, just thought it was interesting enough to post. Catching such things is way I play over my finished games.

    Just to be clear, it was a game on here. I played Ba6. I managed to win, my opponent resigned after what I assume was an ill-advised bishop sacrifice.

  5. 18 Apr '09 09:33
    Nice game, quite amusing. I thought it was an OTB game.

    Your clumsy Ba6 gave White the d5 square for his Knight which
    chased your Queen off f6.

    That was one of my candidate moves I thought you might have played.

    You had to shuggle about about to in c6 to kick the Knight off d5
    to get your Queen back to f6.

    Chess is like that - you miss the best move in the position and
    actually play the worse move in the position....and then win!

    You got the 2nd Knight sac but that was easier to spot than the first one.

    His sac was a bad one. It's always dodgy leaving your King sitting
    exposed to a discovered check.
  6. 18 Apr '09 17:42
    Thanks for your remarks.