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  1. 17 Mar '15 20:02
    It starts with six (or so puzzles) very easy for you to solve
    because I missed a simple mate in two at blitz. This is my penance.
    (I suffered so now it's your turn.)

    Onto Unheard Melodies, great unplayed combinations.

    Then A possible Dual Promotion trick.

    Finishing with some wonderful RHP end game play
    which has Capablanca spinning in his grave.

    I've spun him a few times in my OTB games but these are brilliant.

    Blog 4
  2. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    17 Mar '15 23:15
    Hi greenpawn, I particularly enjoyed this one. The first puzzle's got a little bit more to it than I at first realised.
  3. 18 Mar '15 02:58
    It's Tony Gillam 1. DeepThougjht & Greenpawn 0. (your fault.)

    It's another 6 of the best for us next week.
  4. Standard member Exuma
    20 Mar '15 21:06
    Thanks for this blog, they are always great, but this one is special, a wonderful read, and some really fantastic chess..