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  1. 03 Sep '08 20:53
    Is there already a thread on Stalemates that "shouldn't" have been? In otherwords Stalemates when one side had a significant material (&/or) positional advantage?

    Saw this game referred to in the thread on resigning.

    Game 4301926
  2. Standard member anthias
    ambitious player
    03 Sep '08 21:29 / 1 edit
    Stalemates in situations where one side has a ridiculous material advantage are actually quite normal and occurs frequently.
  3. 03 Sep '08 21:30
    I've heard plenty of stories, but I'd like to play over the last few moves. Links links links?
  4. 03 Sep '08 22:32
    A really good of chess with a future World Champ saving
    the day with stalemate.

  5. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    03 Sep '08 23:46
    Heres one of my first games:

    Terrible play by both sides, but a neat ending.

    Game 3411355
  6. 04 Sep '08 10:53

    This position in an OTB match against a friend of mine
    He's quite high rated but i guess time got to him
    He played c2
    I was quite happy with that draw
  7. 04 Sep '08 12:24
    Check this bad boy out from three years ago - thank butter I've improved [slightly] since then.

    Game 1367999
  8. 09 Sep '08 21:39
    Here is another (sorry mcstank)

    Game 4730516
  9. 10 Sep '08 09:04
    Heres one I finished against my friend recently

    I got away for about 4 moves.

    Game 5375739
  10. 10 Sep '08 09:26
    I love the rule of stalemate!
    It always brings out a laughter from within. (When I'm not the victim, of course.)
    The creator of chess has a good sense of humour (GSOH) !