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Only Chess Forum

  1. 26 Mar '07 23:57
    Incredible how he played this. I can only think of Fischer or Karpov who could do this. Most grandmasters wouldn’t even manage this with sight of the board. -Gelfand

    7.5/8 and Chessbase claims with a rating performance of over 3200. Can he keep it up?

    Rapid results are not so stellar. 4.5/8
    Anand leads of course with 6.5/8.

    Great games to watch by the way. Time control is G/25 so you can see it in one sitting.
  2. 27 Mar '07 17:05
    I hope Kramnik holds on to 1st, he's an awesome chessplayer
  3. 27 Mar '07 17:31
    His preparation against Carlsen was amazing, he made Carlsen look like a patzer. I think Kramnik assured himself 1st place in amber.