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Only Chess Forum

  1. 28 Aug '13 23:45 / 1 edit
    Mastering Chess written with by yours truly with help from my friends.

    I've add a new section on playing chess on the net and there are games
    and puzzles all taken from RHP within it.

    I will one day do my own book in my own way with games soley from RHP.
    Most likely be a best of the Blog with loads added.

    Handful of games from the RHP Championship.
    A picture of a chess murder (cannot recall where I got it from, if anybody
    knows the source lewt me know and I'll add a credit.)

    A picture of a clan meet up.

    Blog 4
  2. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    30 Aug '13 11:26
    The picture of the "crime scene" is worth the price of admission all by itself! It's my new desktop background.
  3. 30 Aug '13 15:55
    Hi Paul.

    it is good - wish I had thought of it.

    When I come up with a idea I am going to copy the theme of pieces standing
    around looking at 'something' on a chessboard.

    Had a couple of quick wins over a Gameknot.

    I'm Black.

    I'm White.

  4. 30 Aug '13 16:04
    In the last game, after white's 17th move, what if Black plays f6? Then, after Qxg7, black has Nf7.
  5. 04 Sep '13 01:24 / 1 edit
    That's a good spot Hikaru.

  6. 04 Sep '13 12:08
    Thanks. I do agree that after 0-0-0 white has to be winning. White will get his rooks into the game and come out on top.
  7. 06 Sep '13 04:13

    after 0-0-0, my immediate thought was e5 stopped the nxe6 threat but after e5 it allows Nf5 with all sort of threats, the black king is so exposed...