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  1. 30 Apr '10 05:39
    I'm thinking about starting to play the urusov gambit (in the bishop's opening) OTB. Does anyone play this? Is it any good? Any comments appreciated. Cheers!
  2. 30 Apr '10 19:37
    ..I use to play this OTB but find at my grade 190ish that most players just play Nc6 taking you into a 2-knights defence...try always makes black sit-up and take note!
  3. 01 May '10 08:56 / 2 edits
    ...Nc6 is the sensible reply. The Urusov is one of those gambits that
    theory frowns upon but OTB White often wins.

    Most likely 'cos White has a smattering of book knowledge and Black,
    do it's rarity has not. Good fun if you can get it played OTB.
    But you have to prepared to step into the theorectical world of the Two Knights.
  4. 02 May '10 11:17
    I used to play the Bishop's opening with the idea of getting Black into some tricky gambits. However my choise was the Boden-Kieseritzky Gambit.

    1.e4 e5
    2.Bc4 Nf6
    3.Nf3 Nxe4
    [If Black played 3...Nc6 I would try and get a Fried Liver Attack going]
    4.Nc3 Nxc3

    [I won countless games in Blitz, after 5...d6/Nc6 6.Ng5. The text book is:]
    [but then White can just go for 6.0-0, or keep the preassure up with:]
    [threathening 7.Qh5+]

    Sorry for not answering your question at all
  5. 26 May '10 08:56
    After 5...d6; 6 Nxe5!? is interesting.