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Only Chess Forum

  1. 03 Feb '12 00:42
    Just took my second warzone in a row on chess cube with after leading one yesterday for almost the whole time and then crumbling at the end to finish second.

    I had to share this with somebody so why not the greatest chess forum on the web?

    My biggest win was a swindle (kind of... in time trouble he made the worst move possible) against a 2300+ opponent.

  2. 03 Feb '12 02:02
    Doesn't 35.Ke3 win a piece?
  3. 03 Feb '12 02:07
    Originally posted by chesskid001
    Doesn't 35.Ke3 win a piece?
    Yes, but like I said he was in time trouble. He probably figured I could just back my rook up and attack his knight which obviously fails.
  4. 14 Feb '12 00:37 / 2 edits
    Another one down and this one featured a legal's mate.

  5. 14 Feb '12 00:48 / 2 edits
    And my own personal comeback of the century.