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Only Chess Forum

  1. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    26 Nov '15 12:59
    How does he do it? Ilyumzhinov gets more bad press than Silvio Berlusconi, but like the Italian stallion it always seems to wash off. This time it's different. Looks like all those Putin favours just came home to roost.
  2. Subscriber sundown316
    The Mighty Messenger
    26 Nov '15 21:00 / 1 edit
    Now USCF should find its cujones, and leave FIDE, which has been nothing but a cesspool of corruption, intimidation, bribery, deal-making, and backroom politics through-out the reigns of Campomanes and Ilyumzhimov. And what makes it a bigger joke is that most of the hacks who run FIDE are not chess players, many of them don't even know the moves or the rules!