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  1. 26 Jun '15 20:35

    I just got this book as a gift (based on a hint I gave). It's the new version with an additional chapter on rook endgames.

    I got interested by this book because reviews say it is a refreshing and light (even fun) approach to chess endgames. However, I must say that I find it rather hard to read because of the long analysis (and alternative) lines in there without frequent diagrams. This takes a bit of the fun away. I think it is actually aimed at players with already a decent endgame understanding. Maybe I should try to use a board with it, but I don't have one right now since I recently moved abroad and had to store a lot of stuff somewhere else.

    Any tips/thoughts on how to approach this: a) reading this book, b) improving basic endgame technique?

    I guess I have sufficient material available that explain the basic endgames. But how do you go on to actually understand them? Is the only way to do all the analysis yourself on a board and repeat it over and over again until it sinks in and becomes a second nature?
  2. 26 Jun '15 23:09
    No need to tell me about this book, I blogged it......twice!

  3. 29 Jun '15 14:07
    I thought I encountered it in the blog some time ago, but couldn't find it anymore