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Only Chess Forum

  1. 17 Oct '12 13:45
    It has been a while since we have shared a game we have played, not for a lack of trying on our part, it just didn't seem like the games we completed were worthy of a forum entry. That changed with our recent clash, where central pawns were key in the battle for supremacy.

    John (velvetears) should annotate his side of the game imminently...

  2. 17 Oct '12 16:51 / 4 edits
    So as Morgski has said here's another of our games, where I show my ineptitude at endgames 🙂

    In heinsight I played some very dodgy moves, primarily 5. Bd3 21. f3 30. Rxb7 which really crippled me and allowed Morgski to be in control for most of the game. I'll get him next time! 🙂
  3. 18 Oct '12 08:43
    As a brief follow-up, I really enjoy when others annotate games like this. I find that seeing both players give their hindsight into what happened in a game, you gain a much better understanding of how plots come to fruition/unravel. So if you have been involved in a game you're particularly proud of, or think it displays some instructive element, I for one would be very interested in seeing it 🙂