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  1. 27 Nov '07 06:58
    I've recently become addicted to watching GM Henrik Danielson's live blitz games on Youtube. He's posted over one hundred 3 minute games.

    As a GM he obviously plays at a very high level but what gets me is his commentary. He has an uncanny ability to talk coherently and play chess simultaneously (i thought it wasn't too hard until i tried it). His commentary is always spot on chess-wise but also frequently hilarious.

    Here are my favourite 2 games, i was almost on the floor laughing at these.

    YouTube live blitz game 36

    YouTube live blitz game 37
  2. 27 Nov '07 20:07
    Yeah those are pretty cool! Pawns are like a star lol. His commentary is useful. It would be nice if he could output it directly while playing on ICC.
  3. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    27 Nov '07 20:26
    here's his website with all the 110 live blitz games and more:
  4. 27 Nov '07 21:16
    Those are a lot of fun, thanks!