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  1. Standard member mikelom
    21 Apr '11 15:38
    How often do you visualise a set board, especially when going to sleep, and get strange pictures as you fall asleep?

    Last week I was drifting off, one game of particular importance, with the current piece set in my vision (vision of thought and eyes closed), when suddenly I became a submarine and went under and through the board. Waves. ripples all around the surface of the board. I was underneath, but couldn't look up.

    I fell asleep.

    I and upon 2 moves the next day................

    I lost the game!

    So much for that!


    But in reality, there have been moments drifting off, and suddenly I wake up with my notepad, and there are 2 moves I have recorded just before drifting. I have won those ones.


    Anybody elsehere dream/enlighten/think about moves as they drift off.

    (The game where I went into, and under, the board as a submarine - I was still in 3-D and above or around the current set position - looking at myself under the board - I wonder if that was pre-conceived loss?)

    Anyway, whatever, reading my board positions as I go to sleep is much better than counting lambs, even after a wife feck.