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  1. Standard member woodypusher
    31 Oct '13 20:58
  2. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    01 Nov '13 13:04
    Originally posted by woodypusher
    You know, i was reading something the other day (can't remember where). The author was talking about how the World championship is constantly swinging from positional players to tactical players, back and forth, back and forth. While reading i found myself thinking, well, who is going to challenge Carlsen tactically and stand a chance of winning?? (Yes, i'm assuming Carlsen will be World champion, he will!)

    Wei Yi might just be that player. I spent an afternoon playing though his games a while back. In my view he is already playing at a 2700 level, the kid is REALLY good!! The only other young tactical player i can think of who might fill these shoes is Richard Rapport. I had a year subscription to playchess this year and i followed Rapport whenever he came online. WHAT a player! The kid plays like Tal, such an original player. I intend to follow both players closely. Carlsen has taken position chess to new ground, i really can't see anyone challenging that any time soon. His dominance has got to spark a development of a new style and i for one think these two kids in particular are the most promising players to do that.