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  1. 11 Jan '14 01:07

    I'm trying to establish what are the most common time controls for live chess (non-OTB and non-correspondence chess).

    And so I need to know what are the standard time controls (the ones that are suggested, if there are any) on ICC, FICS, ChessCube, Yahoo Chess,, GameKnot, etc...

    I just checked on, the suggested time controls are:
    (the first number represents the minutes, the second number represents the increment per move in seconds)

    While on PlayChess and here on Red Hot Pawn there is no predefined time controls.

    So if you've got an account on any other chess website please tell me what are the standard time controls there. Thanks in advance
  2. 11 Jan '14 01:34
    Did you not find that a standard on the ICC is 2/12 for a common chess game?
  3. 11 Jan '14 02:05
    what is the purpose of your study?
  4. 11 Jan '14 02:47
    Stop responding to this troll. He only signed up to ask questions on the forum.
  5. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    11 Jan '14 07:00
    His questions seem pretty harmless. And moderately interesting.
  6. 11 Jan '14 14:23
    @KingOnPoint: 2|12 ? I never saw a time control as weird as this one. And what is the logic behind this choice of time control? I mean, 2 is so much smaller than 12, and 12 isn't even a very round number in base 10 (thought it's a good number, being a highly composite number, and the first to have as divisors 1,2,3,4). Why not choose 17|42 while we're at it? I mean, something like 5|10 would be almost the same, but the numbers would be more rounds...

    @SmittyTime: To know at what time control I should play. I want to find a time control that I like and simultaneously that is very popular on every chess websites.

    @SebastianYap: This is very insulting.
    Firstly, nothing forbids anyone from posting in the forums without playing any games here. And if you think it should be made illegal, than go ask a moderator to ban me. But my guess is that he'll just laugh at you and think you're a little disturb.
    And secondly, I am certainly not a troll. Do you even know what that insult means?
    "In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."
    Ironically, you're the only person here who corresponds to that definition.
  7. Subscriber C J Horse
    A stable personality
    11 Jan '14 14:31
    Originally posted by Sebastian Yap
    Stop responding to this troll. He only signed up to ask questions on the forum.
    He's not a troll. And you're hardly a prolific user of the site yourself.
  8. 13 Jan '14 10:58
    Originally posted by Sebastian Yap
    Stop responding to this troll. He only signed up to ask questions on the forum.
    Correct. He is a troll asking idiotic questions. I wish I owned this site as I'd just ban him. The rest of you are just to naïve to see through it.
  9. 15 Jan '14 20:31
    Thanks to a Youtube video, I had a glimpse on some (not all of them) of the fastest suggested time controls on ChessCube. They are:
    10 seconds + 1 second per move
    (the video was uploaded in 2011 so maybe the suggested time controls have changed since then)
    It's not helping me much though, since I don't want to play games with less than 10 minutes per player...

    So does nobody here have an account on any other chess website to tell me what are the time controls there?
  10. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    17 Jan '14 00:12
    When I play on, I put any time I feel like playing in the create game widget and the game is always accepted by someone with about my rating in less than 10 seconds. I frequently play 15/8 or 12/8, but I've played longer times and there are always people ready to play me. Don't worry about what is standard. Play your game. You are over thinking it.
  11. 08 Feb '14 20:35
    There isn't a lot of answers... Does nobody over here play blitz/rapid on other websites?

    Meanwhile I found something very interesting: the time controls statistics of FICS:
    (with a sample of 120 million games)

    So it looks like KingOnPoint was right, 2|12 is indeed a common time control there (though I still don't understand how this weird time control got so popular...).

    What's also weird is that 15|10 isn't a common time control there. It's so uncommon that there just isn't any statistics for 15|10.
    Yet 15|10 is supposed to be the official time control for the FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship (it's written here:
    The same thing goes for 30|0 and 25|10, which are apparently extremely extremely uncommon...
  12. 28 Mar '14 13:32
    Bump. Still waiting for answers...
  13. 02 May '14 00:05
  14. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    02 May '14 00:43
    Originally posted by Marc Benford
    Why don't you go to the other sites and find out for yourself?
  15. 02 May '14 12:53
    The 2/12 on the ICC, I guess, was something I saw years ago. I don't know what people are used to on the ICC now.