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  1. 12 Aug '07 16:40
    I was thinking of subscribing to chess lecture for a month. Do you guys like the site or not? Is it worth the $?
  2. 12 Aug '07 16:41
    It's great!
  3. 12 Aug '07 16:45
    okay. thanks for the feedback. i'm not a very good player though and i want to learn simple tactics and openings. is chess lecture good for that?
  4. 12 Aug '07 19:19 is for a variety of strengths of chessplayers from beginners on up. Their fund of videos keeps on increasing (five a week) thus giving their customers an ever increasing supply of instructional videos. Kind of pricey, but all depends on your situation. I've had it for about six months and like it.
  5. Standard member chessisvanity
    12 Aug '07 19:22
    way too expensive.
  6. Standard member J4z
    Chess Enthusiast!
    12 Aug '07 21:33
    Originally posted by chessisvanity
    way too expensive.
    I agree, but considering how much i spent on instructional dvd's in the past... it just might be worth it.

    I have a friend who has been doing an ongoing set of articles about chess videos on the net at He has a bunch of links for different sites where you can get free chess videos. He's also reviewing as well. Head over to SquirrelChess, and check it out.
  7. 13 Aug '07 03:39
    Do you download the lectures or view them from the site? An important difference for me, as I would most liekly be viewing them during the slow hours at work .
  8. 13 Aug '07 04:58
    you don't download you can only view them. Almost 600 videos

    12 bucks a month isnt that expensive considering instructors cost twice that amount per hour, and unlimited videos, most of them just terrific.
  9. 13 Aug '07 08:28
    Try The Dynamic Chess Course at
    It's packed with chess training material every month and not at rip off prices either.
  10. 13 Aug '07 09:03
    Originally posted by Brixham
    Try The Dynamic Chess Course at
    It's packed with chess training material every month and not at rip off prices either.
    A subscription service that doesn't offer a free sample of their wares? Just some third-party testimonials??? I'm sorry, but I'm a bit skeptical of that site.
  11. 14 Aug '07 00:56
    I discovered about a month ago and I think it is excellent. I have mostly been watching the lectures on the openings I play, and the other day I was playing a 2060 and he played inaccurately in the English attack and I was able to punish it and pull out a win (rare for me to beet a player of that strength). As for the price, I am suppressed that lots of people are saying it is too high, I think it is a great deal.
  12. 14 Aug '07 15:48
    Chrspayn, you should be a subscriber here! It costs a lot less.