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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 15 Mar '06 06:12
    I can't stand waiting days to play a game of chess. Is there another site like uchess?
  2. 15 Mar '06 06:31
    Maybe can fill the void.
  3. 15 Mar '06 19:55
    Originally posted by exigentsky
    Maybe can fill the void.
    Any free website suggestions?
  4. 15 Mar '06 20:10
    Originally posted by Reegan
    Any free website suggestions? is a fun place, (sometimes) if you like to play lowrated players Probaly the best free site, but you gotta download an interface This site has a nice program detector, but I dont like the site Another nice Chess site, although you still have to download an interface, I like FICS slightly better cause you only can play as a guest unless you pay A bunch of my friends put together this site, however its still in BETA, and I dont really like it myself

    Thers tons more out there, but these are the only ones I play at