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  1. 13 Dec '15 02:09
    Hey All Others,
    What is Black's best move to checkmate White's King on the last move? Is there some chess principle or rule of thumb to play 1 move over all other final moves to checkmate White? Or even, are there some chess principles/rules of thumb to properly play the last few or so moves of Black's in order to properly checkmate White's King?

    If you do comment, fine. I am not asking about checkmating White's King in as few moves as possible, but really asking, "are there positional reasons or other proper reasons to play 1 or more moves over another or other moves?" Or is it simply player's choice in this case? Or is it only a matter of trying to checkmate white as efficiently as possible?


    Here is the Blitz Game:
    Opponent Vs. KingOnPoint
    RHP Blitz Game

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    The variation KnightStalker47 wanted to show.