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  1. 02 Feb '07 01:43
    I hate being dominated.

    Game 3090855
  2. 02 Feb '07 01:48
    Well, at least not by a guy. Taking the knight would have been a good start. Also, don't trade queens when down material. After that I stopped watching.

    UPS - Undefended Piece Scan I would recommend it before hitting the 'submit move' button.
  3. 02 Feb '07 03:55
    the first couple of moves in your opening were alright. try to learn a few opening books and you'll do fine.
  4. 02 Feb '07 08:36
    Originally posted by deeploser
    I hate being dominated.

    Game 3090855
    6.N(b)d2 blocking the check & defending Bc4 was a better move
    6...Na5 for instance, moving it away from attack (could go e7 or back to b8 but those are no better)
    7.c3 & the queen must retreat with you having gained a developmental lead, a strong center & black's Na5 in a poor position.
    Castle to the KS from here & you'd be struggling to lose this one...