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Only Chess Forum

  1. 26 Feb '07 05:47
    I am looking into getting one of the Fritz programs and I was wondering which would be better for me to get:
    Fritz 10 $50 US (and watever that DVD thing is)
    Fritz 9 $40 US

    btw our school already has a copy of Fritz 9, so maybe I would be better off getting nothing (but i usually cant get on that computer, that and its in the middle of the shcool library, which would feel akward)
    So post if you know anything about these two programs, what the differences are, which you would recomend, a free bump, or something completely random (as if I could stop you anyways
  2. 26 Feb '07 06:39
    why not Fritz 8? its cheaper and good enough for anyone.
  3. 26 Feb '07 14:21
    'cause they don't have it (check link i provided on first post)
    anyone else got some comments
  4. 27 Feb '07 14:21
    bump....any advice PLEASE!!!
  5. 06 Mar '07 17:52
    Your are just a big loser spending money on chess stuff anyways
  6. 06 Mar '07 19:31
    I'd go with Fritz 10.

    $10 more but it comes with a dvd and plus I think it's strong then Fritz 9.

    I got deep Fritz 8 and I'm happy with it.

    Besides the lectures and a bit stronger, the new versions aren't that different from the older ones.