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Only Chess Forum

  1. 18 Jun '08 23:50
    This morning somebody posted a thread drawing
    attention to a player's amazing stats.

    It had one reply saying perhaps he was a good player.
    Now it's gone.

    I looked at some games of the player in question.
    If the post was meant to hint at engine use then I could
    not smell any silicon.

    I saw one very good game that had all the hallmarks of a
    very good player. It displayed the artistry and humour that
    engines lack. It was a very good game of chess. It was not
    a box game.

    Why was it removed?
    Did the player in question object?
    (I cannot recall his name - pity he had some good games).

    Engine Paranoia.

    Even I was worried that I may be suspect because I can
    (very rarely) play a sound combination and am capable of putting
    together one or two good moves.

    Infact I was so wound up about it I posted another player
    my intentions before playing the moves of a two piece sac.
    Adding don't tell me if my combo is wrong I'm just letting
    you know so my opponent does not scream cheat.

    After the game I Fritz't it. It sneered at my pretty idea and
    rated another move higher . Philistine.

    I've played over at least 100 other players games.
    Mostly from posters. I cannot see any engine at work.

    Mind you I've not been looking for engines.

    I'm looking for combo's, blunders, opening ideas that I can steal, Missed tricks, (I've seen a few of those). good games and
    really for my own enjoyment. I do enjoy skipping through other
    players games.

    (if some of you are using engines then get rid of them -
    they are terrible - joke).

    On a final note about engine use.
    Why do it?

    You are never going to win any money on this site.

    You are certainly not doing yourself any favours at all.
    Infact your opponent is the one who is actually learning
    something about the game. You are simply wasting electicity.

    You can only really learn from your losses. So play your own game
    and loss a few. Then you will win some.

    It must feel very hollow to win a game where a computer has
    made all the moves for you.
    I'd say there can be no pleasure at all in winning a game that way.

    Infact anybody who subscribes to this site and then uses a
    computer to make their moves for them is a MUG.

    Did anybody else see that thread or have I finally flipped my lid?