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  1. 26 Mar '13 22:56
    is he lost ?
  2. 27 Mar '13 10:21
    It certainly does.

    No, wait, I'm thinking of soap.
  3. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    27 Mar '13 14:26
    Originally posted by Fat Lady
    It certainly does.

    No, wait, I'm thinking of soap.
    He's visiting Ben Dover.
  4. 27 Mar '13 19:09
    The Duck is in Canada and is being taken on holiday to Mexico.
    (form there his next stop is somewhere in Asia.)

    Some pics next blog.
  5. 27 Mar '13 19:27
    He promised to come visit in Connecticut and never did. 🙁
  6. 27 Mar '13 21:19
    I thought he was in Connecticut with another lad.
    (is that where Harvard is? or is it Yale?)

    I may have got mixed up. Mind you I'm dealing with RHP players here.
    The chances are most of them won't know the name of the town they live in. 🙂

    Witness this delightful disaster.

    kperkal - taco1968. RHP 2012

  7. 27 Mar '13 21:31
    What a ridiculous game. I think you give these players far too much credit by claiming that they played one move in preparation for the next. 🙂

    But yes, it was me who was in Connecticut (which is also where Yale is). At least, I think it was. I may have gotten myself confused again.
  8. 27 Mar '13 21:46
    You have to give them some form of encouragemant.
    And anyway without these lads and their games I'd have no Blog.
    (the next one is loaded with players taking perpetuals instead of mates.)

    Here is another that won't make the blog so you can only imagine
    what games I have chosen.

    (You did not say you spotted the missed you have two to answer.)

    Startreader - honus RHP 2011

  9. 27 Mar '13 23:33
    In the first,
    looks good.

    And in the second, Rf6# can't be bad.

    Years ago, I was mighty proud the first time I ever won a game in an OTB tourney. After the game, my opponent pulled me aside and showed me how I could have won 10 moves earlier.

    I said I was just drawing it out because I was annoyed that he hadn't resigned yet. 😵
  10. 28 Mar '13 14:06
    The Duck and I are quite enjoying Mexico, thank you very much. Just tell me where to send him next and he will be on his way in about a week's time.
  11. 28 Mar '13 14:39
    A couple of pics from Mexico and I think it's Mike in Thailand
    unless anyone in Brazil, Argentia wnats a shot, then to Australia
    and then to Thailand.