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  1. 11 Aug '09 21:35
    I've recently lost all points I've win because of blunders, I wonder, why are they still in my play ? I blunder, I miss important tactics, i'm playing like a patzer, What is wrong with me. I feel insulted.
  2. 11 Aug '09 21:44
    Believe it or not, I think a lot of players at all levels feel that way, even GMs. The fact is, the vast majority of games are lost because someone overlooks a tactic. The degree of sophistication is higher at the higher levels, but it usually comes down to missing something.
  3. 11 Aug '09 21:45
    The chess pieces must have formed an devilish little clique against you...
  4. 11 Aug '09 21:53
    For i am rated 1615, I was rated 1678 not so long ago. But I've done mistake that a player rated 1000 would have done.
  5. Standard member Diet Coke
    Forum Vampire
    11 Aug '09 21:57
    Originally posted by AudreyxSophie
    For i am rated 1615, I was rated 1678 not so long ago. But I've done mistake that a player rated 1000 would have done.uickly
    How often and how long do you play for?

    How quickly do you move?
  6. 11 Aug '09 22:07
    True, i move very fast.
  7. Standard member Diet Coke
    Forum Vampire
    11 Aug '09 22:09
    Originally posted by AudreyxSophie
    True, i move very fast.
    Play too quickly for too long with too many games and you'll end up just like me.
  8. Standard member Eric LeFavour
    The guy
    12 Aug '09 01:22
    I am a patzer. I see chess and football very similar here. I see a blunder much like a fumble. In chess, instead of losing the ball, you lose a piece and a tempo. For a very weak player against a strong player, the blunders seem more abundant. Of course the stronger player is helping to FORCE the blunder/fumble. On the other side, occasionally, a stonger player blunders/fumbles to a weaker player. Giving chess the Any Given Sunday feel. For the most part though, equal players games are determined by who makes the least mistakes/fumbles. The stronger players can really absorb these blunders against a weaker player and still win. On the other side, once a weaker player loses a minor piece against a strong player. Not much chance to recover. That is just how I see it. If I did not blunder, my rating would be much higher than it is. Practice, practice, practice.
  9. Standard member rking00
    Suicide Bishop
    12 Aug '09 04:05
    Forget about your rating. Just play as many games and as fast as you want to. The upside to amassing a lot of completed games quickly is that you then have a lot of material to look over and see where you went wrong. Its all just a learning experience.
  10. 12 Aug '09 04:13
    it is mostly because the weaker do not know how to win.
  11. Standard member rking00
    Suicide Bishop
    12 Aug '09 04:40

    Looking at your last loss. Maybe I am just a patzer, but I would not have resigned this. ...Ne4 counterattacks white's queen and gives your queen an escape square. Again, I am no expert but this looks playable. I get the feeling you are a stronger player than you give yourself credit for.
  12. 12 Aug '09 05:08
    I looked at Ne4, it was just giving the knight to let the queen escape.
  13. Standard member rking00
    Suicide Bishop
    12 Aug '09 05:18
    Okay, humor me here, how does white win your knight?
  14. 12 Aug '09 05:26 / 1 edit
    No, I miss to take the undefended e4 whehn he retreat his knight back on the d1 square, that is something I hate. That is something I really hate, after I swift my knight on e8, I was playing an inferior game, when Nxe4 was just something I should have seen and done, attacking his queen and allowing me to play e5 and keep my g-pawn. no trade, just me winning a pawn.

    I missed winning tactics, I hate that.

    You should know how many winning move I missed by playing too fast.,
  15. Standard member rking00
    Suicide Bishop
    12 Aug '09 06:07
    What scares me is getting a winning position and having no idea how I got there.