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  1. 17 May '12 14:16 / 2 edits
    Thought I'd post this recent win against an IM on ICC, my first ever in a game with a greater than 1 minute time control (this game was G/15). I was outplayed in the opening but managed to get a slightly better same colored Bishops endgame. I offered a draw at 45 when it was clear we weren't getting anywhere, but my opponent continued, probably because he was higher rated and he had a 6 minute to 3 minute time advantage. He subsequently blundered, though I missed some easy moves (i.e. 41. Kd6, 46. Bxa5, etc.) because of time pressure.

    White - Me (USCF 1900) Black- IM (FIDE 2400)
  2. 21 May '12 14:46
    you write down the moves in rapid game ? or it is all from memory ?
  3. Standard member nimzo5
    21 May '12 15:13
    ICC autocreates a pgn of games played there.
  4. 21 May '12 15:14
    Originally posted by nimzo5
    ICC autocreates a pgn of games played there.
    oh, sorry, I thought it was OTB.
    Not reading carefully