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  1. 22 Sep '06 21:37
    World Chmpnship starts tomorrow, Saturday, 0700 usa east coast. Coverage everywhere. ICC doing live show. doing a lecture on each game. I don't much care who wins, Topalov or Kramnik, as longs as we get interesting chess. Topalov's team has nine members/coaches. Kramnik has only six, including a physiotherapist and cook. I know if i were one of the paticipants i would include a perky, attractive manicurist/masseuse as part of my team. The location is in Elista, Kalmikia. Not sure where that is. In the National Football Stadium. The weather is predicted to be mild, the pitch has been trimmed to perfection and the spectators have been warned to keep the singing and chanting to a minimum.
  2. Standard member DoctorScribbles
    BWA Soldier
    23 Sep '06 06:35
    Will the games be broadcast online anywhere?
  3. Donation !~TONY~!
    23 Sep '06 06:36
    ICC will for sure have them live.
  4. 23 Sep '06 08:25
    Live games to watch via,

    (also nice pictures of the opening)
  5. 23 Sep '06 09:55
    It will also be broadcast on Playchess, with Yasser Seirawan commenting.
  6. Donation ketchuplover
    23 Sep '06 10:45
    I thought it started 30 minutes later.
  7. Donation ketchuplover
    23 Sep '06 17:39
    Kramnik wins game #1