1. e4
    06 May '08
    16 Apr '23 13:45

    Game 6

    Ding won with a cute Hook Mate wrap up.

    Remember that fantasy variation I spotted in the lat game.
    I found a few RHP examples. This one is good.
    RunninScared - Caravan Man RHP 2022

    White to play. Many ways to win but wrapped in up nicely.

    Blog Post 556
  2. Joined
    15 Dec '20
    16 Apr '23 14:31
    The position reached after 6. exd4,

    is a transposition into a Caro-Kann exchange variation, in which Black's usual plan is a minority attack on the queenside, while White builds on the kingside. I don't know the current theoretical assessment of this line, but if Black felt that these "normal" middlegame plans would give White too much play, then Black might have been better off avoiding this position.
  3. e4
    06 May '08
    16 Apr '23 17:33
    Hi David,

    Yes, a Caro Kann variation. I'm only glad that the players treated us to yet another
    positive sharp game. Odd how the RHP game which I selected last night when I wrote the
    intro with Qf7 and Qxg8 to show my idea from game 5 featured in today's game.

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