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  1. 22 May '16 12:36 / 1 edit
    One's motto should be to give their best, and never to play listless, thoughtless, desperately or fancy.

    In this game on other site, my opponent secured 1st place in short regular little ch-tournament, and I offered a draw when it was obvious (*obvious ha ha) that White, that is me, have perpetual check with pair of Rooks.

    he refused "let's play a little while with Rooks..."
    He wanted 100 % on the tournament, okay, and I always need a practice in endings.

    And, at one point, I had chance to win! I missed it because I just automatically checked his King.

    Here's the game:

    Here's the position he made blunder--->

    (instead of 45....Kf8)
    After his blunder I made my one with 46. Rd7+??
    Now I would have preferred to lose the game.