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  1. Standard member TimmyBx
    06 Feb '14 01:02
    Just wanted to let folks here know about Yamie Chess, it's a new Harvard/MIT math learning aid based on classic chess that was created by 2-time USA chess champion Jennifer Shahade and a group of math educators. Jeremy Silman also contributed. Their homepage is here:

    Here is are two videos about it:


    It is going to be officially announced at the 2014 American International Toy Fair in New York later this month.

  2. 07 Feb '14 00:17
    My kid is a boy scout and he will love this. Interesting as how so many toys now are aiming at "STEM" education opposed to just keeping kid's happy for a few hours. this learning aid though looks really focused on the educational side and very well put together. also really like the fact Yammie chess is aiming at both boys and girls.

    The scouts v champion page is great:

    we have friends in Indiana in the scouts, will pass along the link.
  3. 07 Feb '14 03:07
    looks like its made in my home state of Michigan too