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  1. 03 Jun '09 22:16
    Bliitz game last night. I'm White.
    Yes your hero is ahead a Rook and a Bishop. Time to wrap it up.

    If I get the King onto b7 then I have a Knight fork on d6.
    1.Rxb7+ and he can take back with the Queen.

    So 1. Bxa7+ Kxa7 2.Qa4+ ties down the Queen to holding the e8 Rook.
    THEN I can play Rxb7+ and fork on d6.
    It's all with check so it's forced. End of analysis. I am a genius.

    Look at diagram. The e-file is cluttered with pieces and I have
    two pieces on my back rank. He has no threat on the e-file.

    I sent gg. I always do and I was laughing.
    (I resigned after Nf3+ but have shown the mate just for effect).
  2. 03 Jun '09 23:57
    lol, you take the queen, while you could take the rook on check.....

    Tell me this is a joke. come on, you can't do this.
  3. 04 Jun '09 02:27
    Hopefully one day I can laugh when something like that happens to me. I'd just get angry and think "how could I blow this won game".

    I think I need to re-assess my definition of a 'won game'. There's no such thing as a 'won game' until it is actually won.

    Thanks for the thread. I have high hopes that this will help.
  4. Standard member Blackamp
    04 Jun '09 04:17
    i almost didn't see it, though i was a goner for sure. thanks for the game.
  5. 04 Jun '09 04:21
    Brilliant, in the initial position White has fifteen ways to win - Nd6, Qa4, Kh1, a3?? - and you manage to choose the most chandleresque one...
  6. 04 Jun '09 11:09

    It is good. It looks like a helpmate.
    There is a pawn or two dotted about in the actual game but nothing
    that interfers with how the game went.

    I was too wrapped up in my own plans and that Rook on g2 must have
    been a Bishop in my mind.

    I'm reminded of an Allegro game with Elaine Rutherford.

    This is not the exact position but the idea is there.
    It is the rear eand of a 5/6 move combo - the last few moves went like this.

    I played 1.Rxa7 Kxa7 2.Qa5+ Kb8 3.....
    then realised the the f1 Rook was a Bishop - OOPs.

    I know I'm alone here. I recall seeing a Tal note to a game he lost.
    He had in his mind sacced two Rooks on h1 to give a Rook check on h1.
    He had run out of Rooks.

    Blitz slips happen all the time - you play 8 or 9 games v opponents
    who make silly moves. Then you yourself go into clumsy mode.

    Also sometimes you just let it happen.
    One lad kept trying the Shilling Gambit on me - 3...Nd4.
    And I kept winning with 4.Bxf7+ Kxf7 5.Nxe5+

    I sent a message on his 4th attempt saying 'OK OK OK - I'll fall for it."
    and let it happen.

    He was over joyed - he said he had never actually caught anyone
    with it before and thanked me.

    Sometimes winning is not everything. Especially at blitz.

  7. Standard member Nowakowski
    10. O-O
    05 Jun '09 05:39
    How about this? A thing of beauty:

  8. Standard member Nowakowski
    10. O-O
    05 Jun '09 05:49 / 3 edits
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