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  1. 05 Aug '14 13:07 / 1 edit
    In my previous thread about Argentinian tragedy Thread 160281, Gligoric mentioned that Fischer had found his improvement - 13. ...Rh7 in Najdorf Sicilian - from bulletin of some Siberian tournament. Only small minds could say after this that Fischer "had stolen this idea" (sic!) but it was in fact the proof how hard he had been studying (oh, problems with tenses!) chess.

    This pattern - that Fischer finds an idea in a variation in some obscure Soviet tournament that wasn't familiar even to their top Grand Masters is simply amazing even today when we have internet and data bases.

    Here's two cases.

    First, the same principle in praxis.

    Fischer vs. Reshevsky, US Championship 1958

    Fischer found this trap in the bulletin of a Mocsow torunament of "I category players" (!; it is range bellow H /for Anglo/Saxon players/), probably thanks to some Russian girl he'd met during his visit to SSSR in CSKA /Central Chess Club/ in 1958) and the victim was Samuel Reshevsky.

    One headline in the news after the game was A lion caught in a mousetrap...

    The other old mouse was Ratmir Kholmov, in Skopje 1967.

    Kholmov vs. Fischer, Skopje 1967